Women’s Day South Africa

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Today is National Women’s Day in South Africa.  I have been blessed and equally disturbed delivering a number of keynotes.

Unlike some, I don’t believe in bashing men.  Our world population is almost equal and we need each other.  We bring balance to one another.  Yin and Yang.

And when we recognise and work with this dynamic, the outcomes are amazing and profitable.

We as women need to take responsibility for ourselves and stop – yes stop the blame-game.  Taking responsibility for ourselves is a challenge.  Often we are hard-wired; conditioned to be and play the part of the emotional manipulator – using our feminine wiles rather than being direct.

When men sit down at a table they are very direct – they ask for what they want and don’t takes things personally.  What is it about women’s conditioning that doesn’t allow this?

So my challenge to you and to me is to spend one month asking for what we want.  You may get a no, which is wonderful.  It gives you the opportunity to get curious and to find out how to get to a yes.  If you don’t ask, you are relying on expectation – how on earth can someone else read your mind?

Happy happy women’s month 🙂

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