You have goals, objectives, dreams, ambitions, a vision for yourself. Work 1:1 with Louise to unlock your limitless potential.

Executive Coaching with Louise Mowbray

As leaders in today's world of work, we know we need to make sense of and navigate complex challenges and emergent opportunities with greater self-awareness, adaptability, creativity, resilience and so much more. 

Executive coaching offers you a journey of inner personal growth to empower you to have an external transformational impact on the people around you, your team, culture, organisation and your stakeholders. 

Develop your self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-mastery, maximise your full potential and realise your dreams, however big and bold they may be.

Work With Louise

Coaching is for you if you're an executive, leader, entrepreneur, c-suite or board member and know the time is right to bring about the changes you desire. 

  • Develop your self-awareness and operate from a place of authenticity and integrity, rooted in your values and purpose
  • Successfully navigate new opportunities, challenges, change and ambiguity and develop your ability to be resilient
  • Challenge your thinking, reveal any blind spots that may be holding you back, broaden your perspective and develop your insight and intuition
  • Lead from a place of empathy, inclusivity and connection and harness the diverse talent in your people and all of your stakeholders
  • Develop your curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking and action
  • Take full responsibility for your growth and development as a leader or entrepreneur - today and well into the future

Any questions or queries? Explore our FAQ's

Word of Mouth

Through Louise's conscious leadership process, which is so meticulous, I have my 'mojo' back and my business is completely inspiring and fulfilling.

Queen Ramotsehoa


Louise took me on the amazing journey of developing myself, which then cascaded into developing the Finance Team as a whole.

Shane Budd


Louise has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly where to go in a session... she combines intuition and expertise in the most powerful of ways.

Gina Hayden


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Coaching for?

Executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and people at c-suite and board levels who want to develop themselves as leaders and business people. If you're looking for career coaching, you'll find it here.

Are coaching sessions held online?

Yes, all coaching sessions are held online using Zoom. 

Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely. Coaching sessions are 100% confidential and are not recorded. Louise abides by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics

How long is a coaching session and how often are they held?

Coaching sessions are 60-minutes each and are typically held in three Phases. Phase 1 is one session per week (six sessions), Phase 2 is one session every two weeks (six sessions) and Phase 3 is one session every four weeks. 

How do I decide on how many Phases I need?

Book a time to have a conversation with Louise - she will be able to advise you on the Phases of coaching and you'll have the opportunity to connect and explore what you want to achieve through coaching.

Do I need to prepare for my coaching sessions?

Coaching is always more effective when you have a broad purpose in mind. Take some time to think about what you want to get out of the sessions and focus on the outcomes you want to achieve. A tip here: don't worry about the how for the time being!

Can I reschedule one or more of my sessions?

Yes, as long as you provide Louise with a minimum of 24-hours notice, you may reschedule.

Can I purchase coaching for my organisation?

Yes, Louise works with leadership teams and organisations across the sectors. You can explore Leadership Team Coaching or get in touch with her for more information.

What does it take to lead in today’s dynamic world of work?

While many of the core leadership skills that were important a decade ago are still prerequisites today, there has been a major shift in their relative importance. As our world of work has evolved, we’ve placed greater emphasis on adaptability, creativity, emotional intelligence and collaboration. 

In today’s context, the most sought-after leadership skills also include being comfortable with ambiguity, empathetic, resilient, emotionally agile, purposeful, innovative, inclusive and more, which are deemed to make us “future-fit”.

There are also a collection of mental models or "lenses on the world", which empower us to navigate our world of work with more insight, clarity and a sense of possibility. Systems thinking, complexity, sensemaking, futures thinking and critical thinking have all become vital in our complex, uncertain business environments.

At the heart of our ability to change and grow is a deep desire to do so. Coaching is by far the quickest, most effective way of developing ourselves to be the people and leaders we know we are capable of being, today and into the future.


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