Elevate your leadership presence, make a positive impact and feel in control of where you are going

Your Personal Leadership Brand

We all have a personal brand – whether we're managing it or not. Your brand is all about how other people perceive you, which results in your reputation. This has a direct and measurable effect on your ability to lead effectively and make the right impact with all of your stakeholders.

Building your brand will give you the personal insight, self-awareness and tools to do this. The only requirement is authenticity and integrity.

One-to-One Coaching, Team Workshop or Online Course?


This is for you if you are the face of your business or function and need to elevate your presence and impact internally and externally with all of your stakeholders. Ideal for leaders, executives entrepreneurs and people in the public eye.

Team Workshops

Ideal for teams who are valued for their individual and collective ability to have a measurable impact on one or more of your key stakeholders including leadership, consulting, sales and marketing teams.

Online Course

This is for you if you want to take to build your personal leadership brand at your own pace and in your own time. Originally developed for Durham Business School, this course is now available to all on Udemy.

Build your brand for greater confidence, self-mastery and success.

  • Gain a full understanding of how you are perceived (your reputation) and the necessary tools and insights to build and manage your impact and relationships with all of your stakeholders.
  • (Re)connect to your purpose, values and passions and take responsibility for causing the effects you desire – elevate your confidence in the value you deliver.
  • Fully understand what it is that is deeply, authentically compelling about you to your target markets and audience (all stakeholders), and how to deliver consistently and effect change online, offline and in person.
  • Above all, elevate your presence, impact and confidence for greater success!

The Wild Card Methodology

"During my headhunting years, I would regularly throw a 'wild card' into my shortlist of candidates.  People who were deeply compelling and yet didn't quite fit the brief.
These people had an undeniable, irresistible magic about them. In doing the numbers, I soon realised they would win the role as often as their perfectly qualified competition. I was intrigued as to how I might develop a method to help others discover and switch this 'magic' on for themselves.  And so the foundations of this renowned methodology were born.
Since then, The Wild Card methodology has been delivered to thousands of people around the world via coaching and mentoring, in lectures and workshops and through the online course, available to all on Udemy."

Word of Mouth

I have been a client of Louise’s for the last six months and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only did the engagement enhance my career but also my personal life. It has been really uplifting working with Louise and each session has energised and enthused me.
Victoria Ward

HR director

I had the pleasure of listening to Louise at a Personal Branding Workshop at Cass Business School. Louise is a great speaker and communicator and empowered the audience to take control of how their brand is being built and perceived. 
David McQueen


Louise's Wild Card course on personal and leadership branding is adding great value to Pétanque Consultancy. We use it as part of our induction program and it creates a deep understanding of how one's personal brand contributes to the business' brand.
MJ Fick