Adapt. Lead. Thrive.
Embark on a deeply transformative Masterclass, designed to empower leaders, teams and organisations with the thinking and skills needed to thrive in today's world of work.

Take a Deep Dive With Louise Mowbray

Louise is the dynamic and deeply insightful Coach, Author and Futurist who specialises in The Future of Work and Leadership. Drawing from decades of experience, expertise, insight and wisdom, she creates and delivers highly engaging, multi and single session Masterclasses that empower participants with the thinking and skills needed to lead the future, today.

Louise weaves the latest developments in neuroscience, behavioral science and conscious leadership into highly relevant topics at the intersection of futures, technology, transformation and purpose-driven business. She masterfully ignites what truly matters, guiding leaders and teams to embed powerful learnings and put them into practice in their day-to-day business lives. 

Over six deeply engaging sessions, this Masterclass empowers leaders and teams to make better sense of what's going on, connect the dots and navigate our world of work with more insight, clarity and ease. At the end of this engagement, participants will leave with new adaptation skills and a deeper appreciation of how to utilise future-focused perspectives, frameworks, models and tools to actively shape the future they desire, and thrive. 

Today, we are at an inflexion point with a new era of work stretched out before us. If we don't invest in developing our ability to be agile, creative and innovative, we will always be in pursuit of those who have. This transformative, multi-session Masterclass empowers leaders and teams with the thinking and skills needed to elevate their capabilities and create the conditions for a thriving culture of ideation, experimentation and innovation.

Leaders and teams across the sectors are reporting feeling disconnected, exhausted and uninspired. Recent years have been full of change and uncertainty, which has altered our relationship to work and our place in it. This energising, fully interactive 90-minute Masterclass is a purposeful pause, an intentional space designed to get you and your team (re)connected. Team members will leave this engagement feeling seen, heard and valued.

Tailored Masterclasses

Is there a specific Masterclass you'd like Louise to tailor or create for your team or organisation? 

Send her details of your request and she'll get back to you.

Secure a start date for a Masterclass

Louise is highly knowledgeable and self-confident, yet she shows great humility and a good measure of humour. She has a way to call the elephant in the room without offending anyone and this opens up the much needed space to address issues which might otherwise not easily surface.

Dr Salome Van Coller-Peter, MPHIL Programme Manager

Louise delivered an engagement for us at Henley Business School and it was a great success. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, really listened to what we wanted and certainly met our expectations. We would not hesitate to work with her again.

Roz Danks, Programme Organiser


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