Transformative Future-Focused thinking and skills for today's leadership teams

Future-Focused Leadership Masterclass

Are you ready to elevate your leadership team's ability to adapt and thrive in our complex, uncertain, AI-infused world of work? Welcome to the Future-Focused Leadership Masterclass, a transformative journey designed to equip your team with the skills and thinking needed to navigate the future with more ease, today.

Over six engaging sessions, this Masterclass empowers you and your team to create space, make sense of what's going on and be more purposeful, intentional and decisive in your actions. At the end of this engagement, you'll leave with new skills and a deeper appreciation of how to utilise future-focused perspectives, frameworks, models and tools to shape the future and thrive. Join Louise on this exciting adventure towards mastering the art of being future-fit and leading with relevance, together.

Forge a new way of working. Together.

We start this Masterclass from a behavioural science-based foundation, utilising award-winning Lumina Learning Portraits. This empowers you and your team members with valuable insight into your dynamic personalities and generates the behavioural science data for subsequent sessions.

Drawing on years of practical experience, expertise, insight and the most up-to-date research, frameworks, models and tools, Louise guides your team through a series of future-focused lenses, why they are essential now and, crucially, when and how to use them.

Behavioural Science-Based Foundations

Six Future-Focused Lenses on the World

Six Live Sessions – hybrid or virtual

Six Future-Focused Lenses on the World

"As a new era of work stretches out before us, how we think, rather than what we think will shape the future we desire."

  • 1. Context | Context is internal and external – a snapshot of who and where we are in time and space and how we think about, react and respond to events and situations. Explore our current context of complexity and uncertainty, leading in an AI-infused world, trust and truth, ethics and decision-making, and our social, environmental and political drivers.
  • 2. Conscious Leadership and Team Coherence | Develop your self-awareness, conscious leadership and future-fit capabilities. We use Lumina's tools to empower you to understand yourself and your team members better and enable more authentic connections between you. Value each other’s differences, identify any blind spots and biases and collaborate to forge a new way of working together.
  • 3. Systems Thinking and Complexity | Appreciate the interconnectedness of all things and shift from observing events or data in isolation to connecting the dots and looking at it in terms of wholes, relationships and patterns. Complex or Complicated? Understand the difference and learn to make sense of and work with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity. Gain invaluable insight into the emergent challenges and opportunities in your business ecosystems. 
  • 5: Futures Thinking and Foresight | Use the push of the present, weight of the past and pull of the future to intentionally drive your business agenda towards a desired future. Learn to explore multiple potential futures and foresight to inform your strategy so that you are better prepared for whatever it holds. 
  • 6: Agile Thinking & Innovative Behaviours | We use Lumina's models and tools to give you instant insight into where you fit into the innovation cycle, both individually and as a team, and empower you to create the cultural conditions for ideation, experimentation and innovation in your organisation.
  • 6: Integration & Application | Using all that you've discovered and learned, apply the future-focused lenses to current or emergent strategically important projects to embed your collective thinking and integrate it into your day-to-day working lives.
Louise is an extraordinarily gifted communicator, a creative and original thinker. It was a pleasure and privilege to participate.
Dr. Ronnie Stangler


Participants will receive a copy of: Relevant: Future-Focused Leadership | Available on Amazon 

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"As you see the future, so you act - and as you act, so you become."

Barbara Hubbard, Futurist & Author

As leaders, our most significant challenges lie in honing our ability to make sense of our world of work, connect the dots, filter out noisy distractions, deepen our connection to one another and collaborate. All in the prevailing context of complexity and uncertainty. Yet very few leaders and executive teams are adequately prepared.

We're wired to avoid uncertainty and yet, we know the future is unlikely to be anything we're able to accurately predict or plan for. It also holds the greatest opportunity for novel and exponential growth if we're able to develop our thinking and work better, together.

We know we'll experience more change across the sciences, technology, the environment and society in the next 10 years than we have done in the last 100. Bridging the gap between today's business models and what's next calls for a fresh, future-focused perspective, informed by a set of mental models or our 'lenses on the world'. 

If the last few years have been all about unplanned reinvention, now is the time for leaders to be intentional about equipping themselves to better navigate the future, together.

Meet Your Facilitator

Louise Mowbray is the Founder of Mowbray by Design, which she established in London in 2005. She specialises in The Future of Work and Leadership, working with some of the world's most respected leaders and C-suite teams at the intersection of leadership, innovation, transformation and purpose-driven business. 
Louise is a Conscious Leadership Coach (ICF), Natural Foresight® Practitioner (TFSX) and a behavioural science practitioner (Lumina Learning). She is a keynote speaker and an occasional visiting lecturer for business schools.
Louise is the author of Relevant: Future-Focused Leadership and a co-author of Uncertainty: Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder OutcomesShe is also the host of the Lead Into the Future Today (LIFT) Podcast, LIFT 'Conversations on Camera' and co-host of 'In Conversation'.

You can subscribe to #LIFT, her regular newsletter on LinkedIn and read her articles on Substack.