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The FUTURE-FOCUSED Leadership Consultancy

Dynamic growth and development for leaders, c-suite, entrepreneurs & teams

Leaders through the ages have always grappled with the unknown, facing a myriad of unexpected challenges and emergent opportunities. Today, however, we are at an inflexion point, which will transform how we live and work in ways we haven’t yet begun to fathom.

We’ll experience more change across the sciences, technology, the environment and society in the next 10 years than we have done in the last 100 and yet, very few leaders and c-suite teams are prepared. The greatest challenge we face is the ability to connect the dots, filter out noisy distractions, make sense of what’s going on and work better together in the prevailing context of complexity and uncertainty.

Work with Louise to make sense of and navigate our world of work, think more creatively about the future through a bigger, broader future-focused lens and build cultures of innovative thought and action, which are also really great places to work!

Mowbray by Design's services are designed to empower individual leaders and executive teams who are striving to develop and grow and to build thriving businesses.

Here you'll find a range of services, programmes and engagements with professional coaching, advising, facilitation and behavioural science at their core. 

This could be anything from developing your personal leadership capabilities to taking your leadership team through a sensemaking journey to better navigate change, transitions and transformation.

No two clients are alike, which means using a range of multi-disciplinary models and tools to design something unique for you.

Word of Mouth

Louise is a rare breed... She helped me find and consistently communicate insights that helped me become a more focused and powerful leader.
Angel Gambino


Louise's sessions provided invaluable perspective on how to adapt business strategy/direction to meet the needs of our modern world.
Simon Lockett


Louise is a change agent... her valuable insight, knowledge and research had a significant impact on our Women Presidents Organisation Members!
Annemarie Mostert


Striving to make a difference

"We are redefining our world of work sparking a new spirit of human-centric business in a digitised world. A spirit that is seeking purpose and meaning, creativity and innovation, flexibility and agility."
This truly is an extraordinary time to be in business. Recent years have not only been incredibly disruptive but the intensity and pace of change have escalated, underpinning the need for us to dance more comfortably with ambiguity.
Our constantly changing context is giving rise to a new era of creative, conscious leaders who are striving to build innovative, thriving businesses and have a positive impact in the world.
And our values, actions and behaviours as leaders and organisations are increasingly transparent and have a direct impact on our bottom line.

Together, we are navigating uncharted territory and being asked to step-up, shift and change. 

This dynamic context has inspired a much needed transformation in how we develop ourselves and our people, build our businesses, contribute to society and impact the environment. Purpose-driven leaders, teams and organisations are winning hearts, minds and market share.
Here at Mowbray by Design, I'm focused on supporting you to not only create success but to thrive in this, our emergent world of work. 
If you'd like to develop yourself, your team and your business, I invite you to connect with me and participate in raising the bar in how we do what we do - personally, in business and in society.