June 26

Virtual Team Programme: Build Resilience, Psychological Safety and Trust


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As we find our feet in a brave new collaborative world, we are, in effect, reframing all that we thought to be real, true and solid. We’re creating new metaphors, images and models to help us to construct the frameworks for a new future.

It’s been a hectic year and as we all emerge from endless tactical and transactional thinking, decision making and action, it’s time to start evolving our frameworks. To do so, we’re using some smart digital tools to give us measured insight into ourselves, our people and our businesses, which I am excited to share with you.

It’s time to shift into broader, more collaborative strategic thinking, planning and action.

From a leadership and people perspective, it’s become clear to all of us that we now need to focus on building our capabilities around four key areas, fast:

The ability to lead remotely

Team connectivity

Resilience, Psychological safety and trust

Weaving innovative thinking and action into the very fabric of our organisations as a collective capability

Build Resilience, Psychological Safety & Trust

This programme is designed for the challenging needs of today’s emerging workplace, giving you and your team the tools you need right now.

Take a collective journey of discovery into resilience using:

The Power of Action

The Power of Connection

The Power of Emotions

The Power of Mind

It’s based on Lumina Learning’s award-winning suite of integrated digital tools and modalities, which were born in the cloud!

You can learn more here and please do get in touch with me if you’d like to explore this for your team.

If you know of a team who could benefit from this powerful programme, why not share it?

Until next time, feel free to get in touch and take good care of yourself.

Best, Louise



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