May 24

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I found this quote incredibly thought-provoking.  Dr Cornel West talks about the difference between successful and great leaders.  Loving and respecting people enough “to be unbought, unbound, unafraid and unintimidated to tell the truth”.

Love and business?  At first they seem like odd bedfellows.  When last, if ever have you heard mutterings and conversations about loving people in the corridors of your office and that of your clients, partners, investors and suppliers?

Conscious Capitalism – arguably the most successful model in business today is all about loving your people and your stakeholders – and the results are palpable, measurable.

It might not even resonate until we begin to think more deeply about this.  And yet we quite often ‘love’ our jobs or the companies and people we work for and with.  Or not.

The bleak alternative is to slip into a parallel world of indifference, disengagement and resignation.  Not fun.

Leadership is all about why others choose to follow you.  If love is the defining factor between successful leaders and great leaders, what do you choose?


Dr Cornel West, Leadership, love, Success

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