Thrive in today's world of work and lead yourself, your team and your business into the future.

Elevate how you do what you do and foster a culture of innovation to drive and support your growth

I believe in being disruptive. Not for the sake of it, but for the health and continual growth of ourselves as leaders, our teams and organisations.

All innovation is change and needs transformation. If our approach is one of 'problem – solution', the ability to move with agility, to sense and seize potential opportunities or deal with emergent threats is lost right there.  And innovate we must. Leaders and organisations tethered to legacy thinking and systems are losing hearts, minds and market share.

Our world of work needs a leadership mindset open to emerging potential and the ability to take action from a higher place of self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-mastery.

I work with you and your people to develop an expansiveness and complexity of thinking, to lead with a deep curiosity and to broaden your perspective and contextual environment. To elevate how you do what you do and create a vibrant culture to drive and support your growth and development.


What do you want to achieve?

Louise Mowbray Leadership and Team Development


Invest in yourself and your team

Coaching is a powerful process, which delivers measurable results in a short period of time. This is for you if you're a leader, decision-maker or business owner and you know the time is right to bring about the change you desire.

Mowbray by Design Build a Culture of Innovation


Build a [Conscious] Culture of Innovation

If you are to thrive in today's world of work, you need to nurture a culture of creativity, intrapreneurship and innovation. A conscious culture that has meaning and purpose at its core, is a great place to work and has a positive impact on people, society and the environment.

Louise Mowbray Keynotes and Workshops


Inspire, Motivate, Inform & Educate

Keynotes and workshops are the powerhouse of collective thinking and action - the ideal way to engage your people, ignite potential and deliver step-by-step methods and tools for transformation. Talk to me about what you want to achieve.

Mowbray by Design Lumina Learning Mandala


Gain Measurable Insight & Clarity

I work with Lumina Learning's award-winning innovative psychometrics, modalities and tools to gain instant insight and clarity into who we really are, individually and collectively including Leadership, EQ, Teams, Innovation, Organisation and more. 


Build Your Personal Leadership Brand

Louise was an early pioneer in the ‘people brand’ space and developed a winning methodology, which she delivers to leaders, executives, teams and business schools. This methodology has also been developed into an online video-based course available to all on Udemy.

All good things start

with a conversation.