July 5

Personal Branding

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Public Persona

I get so many questions about personal branding… usually starts with a startled expression at the phrase as if I’ve just mentioned an alien landing, then a slow nodding and when the lights come on – an expression of delight. Well, usually.

And no, we are not brands, we are Louise or Peter or Margot… However, our public persona is a brand, so to speak. We can either manage it or have it managed for us. It has to be consistent to have any value, and if it’s not authentic, well, who will trust it?

In a branded world, personal branding is more than just a hot topic… We all brand ourselves and each other constantly. Each time we ask who someone else is, the response usually follows the same lines… “that’s Joe Bloggs, he is a banker/lawyer/writer, interesting/dull/strange/fun guy…”

We can’t avoid it. All sorts of people are fast becoming aware of the need to create and manage a consistent public persona. One that is authentic, one that works for them, one that delivers a competitive advantage. ¬†And it needs to be the real deal – the public persona needs to reflect our inner selves.

persona, pl. personas: The role or facade that one assumes or displays in public or society; one’s public image or personality, as distinguished from the inner self.



Personal Brand, Success

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