March 20

Personal Brand – Nurture your Touch-Points

Touch PointsTouch Points?  Your touch points are everyone and everything you come in contact with.  This starts with your identifiable stakeholders – if you are in a job this probably includes your boss, the management team, your team,  suppliers, clients, business partners, industry groups and perhaps the media if you are in a visible role.  Now expand this to every interaction you have with anyone on a day-to-day basis and you have your touch points!

Imagine a moment, five years from now.  A head-hunter is in his/her office and they are managing a search for what would be your ideal job.  Your name has come up as a possible candidate.  The head-hunter happens to know someone who knows you.  They pick up the phone and call this person who then gives them their perception and opinion of you.  A decision is made in that moment whether to pursue you as a candidate or to move on.

Now think about your current role.  Your management team need to promote someone at your level.  Discussions are being held around viable candidates within the business vs external candidates.  What’s being said about you?

The point of this is that most of the key decisions regarding our careers are made when we are not present.  We may have the opportunity initially to argue our case for what we want, however, when it comes to the crux, the final decision will be made when we are not there to sway opinions or to have the impact we desire.

So nurture your touch points – they are your mini marketing machines out there influencing your future forever more.  Make sure you leave them with a good impression – you never know when their opinion might sway things one way or another.


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