Passion – it’s the stuff of flow.  When work doesn’t feel like work.  When time contracts or expands.  Opportunities open up and so do our minds, souls and beings.  And our being drives our doing.  Lovely stuff.  How many people do you personally know who are living their passions?  Good Q – are you?

I am currently reading The Passion Test by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood.  At first the title grabbed me, then the logic stepped in.  “Not another self-help book”.  Saying that I bought the book and took the test.  Wow!  Finally something that speaks into being in action of my passion rather than my goals.  Passion is sustainable, it’s authentic – we can do it without effort.  The truth is that we all crave to live in passion and all else is a poor substitute.

And what if we held real, deep Curiosity as the context of our enquiry?  Active listening, insightful questioning, empathy and the ability to have difficult conversations.  Good old fashioned relationship building.  If we can hold this context we develop our ability for real human compassion, connection and intimacy at levels that serve us and them.   And yes this applies to business.

When we examine all the research – powerful, concrete, quality research – we know that what feels right – living with curiosity as the context and passion as the driver, we too can be as successful in our chosen paths as those who are leaders in their fields.  It just takes a little curiosity to get the ball rolling and a real determination to live in passion…


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