June 29

One degree is all it takes

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One Degree
One degree is all it takes

Is this a situation you recognise?  You are on the shortlist for a role or in the running to secure a new deal or business opportunity. You know that you have the right qualifications, experience, expertise – and believe you have done all that you need to do, and more, to win. And yet, someone else scoops up the prize and you are left wondering why?

Incredibly frustrating – and worrying too. What were the obstacles? Is there something you might be lacking?

It’s a tough question, and probably the most common reason that people look for an external perspective to help realise their potential. And I’ll let you into a little secret – more often than not, any obstacles to your success are created, and can be removed, by you.

The good news is that once we know what we are doing to hamper our progress, then we know too how to change. Better still, our tried and tested programmes are designed to help you do just this…

Let me explain – during my headhunting days, I was always deeply fascinated by what made one person more successful than the next. I would draw up a shortlist of candidates who all met the requirements of the role – often down to the specific universities they attended. And I would usually throw in a ‘wild card’. Someone who wasn’t a perfect match, but they just seemed to have that magic something that made them stand out from the crowd.

And these people, statistically, would win the role as often as the perfectly qualified candidates. So education, background, training, experience – whilst important, are still only commodities if you can’t find that special something that makes you shine.

When I stumbled across personal branding some years ago, I instantly recognised that this is what makes some people seem luckier than others. They have the ability to make the right impact and get ahead – even in difficult circumstances. And I discovered too that this is something you and I can learn to do.

All it takes is a slight shift in our thinking. I like to think of this as the vital one degree. One degree leads to the next and before you know it, you are on your way to realising your potential.

If you would like to improve your professional impact and are based in the UK, do join me on the 7th July for my next Masterclass in London. And if you are further afield, you can do my online iWorkshop or read my ebook. Either way, don’t let one tiny degree stand the way of your success.



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