May 6

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It’s always hugely interesting talking to Gehan Talwatte, Investor and Entrepreneur. Gehan hails from Colombo, Sri Lanka, studied and lived in the US for a number of years, is currently based in London and frequently visits Cape Town, South Africa, which is where we last had a conversation a few short months ago.

I wanted to get Gehan's perspective on all things life, business and the future amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and to learn more about how the companies he is involved with, which are all in the data and information space, are faring and his perspective on what the future may hold.

Gehan's down-to-earth business advice along with his insights into who we need to be as leaders and human beings amidst this crisis really struck a chord and I trust you'll enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Entrepreneur, Gehan Talwatte, insight, Investor, Ishka, Perspective

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