June 18

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  • Dan Pink, author of Drive on the surprising truth about what really motivates us

Cause the Effect, Insight, Inspiration, Leadership Brand

I have used this animate video in almost every presentation or keynote I have delivered.  The wonderful extracts are three things:

  1. We are purpose driven – a greater purpose is powerfully motivating
  2. We want self direction – Ah! That’s a good idea, let me try that out
  3. We like challenge and self-mastery – we like getting better at doing stuff

So when we take a good look, we have some rather important questions to ask ourselves.  Honestly.  Do our roles, our teams, our companies provide a platform for this?  Do we honour the desire of every person in our organisation to experience this too?  When we lead others, are we leading by example and are we allowing everyone to do this for themselves?

When we really get this, we must realise we need to create a foundation for innovation.  And then get the hell out-of-the-way.  Innovation exists naturally within all of us.  Why block it, why confine it, why box people in?  If we look at the science, all we are doing is preventing growth and happy places to work.  And that effects your bottom line.

So once you are living and breathing this stuff; it will change your hiring policies, your human capital development and succession planning.

In today’s connected human economy – how best to develop people and ourselves other than to allow natural motivation and innovation to take the lead?


Dan Pink, Drive, Innovation, leadership brand, Motivation

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