How do we foster cultures we want to be a part of in a new era of work?

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Peter Drucker

Today, people the world over are actively resisting returning to what was and seeking a new way of working that honours the 'human being', not just the 'human doing'.

Our corporate cultures are so much more than a common mission, vision and a set of values. They're a system of beliefs and behaviours we encounter and enact day-to-day.

Culture frames how we experience our organisation and our place within it. It reflects how we show up and get things done. Its power lies in creating and nurturing a sense of belonging, a deeper, meaningful connection to one another and a greater purpose.

Work with us to to find better, smarter ways of fostering cultures that people want to work in, contribute to and be an active part of. 

Conscious Cultures

Foster a conscious culture to support your growth today and well into the future

Conscious Leadership

Traditional leadership models no longer fully serve the demands of today's world of work. Conscious leaders are people who have evolved to be self-aware, who practice self-mastery and are able to harness the power of diversity and inclusion in their teams and organisations. Ultimately, as a member of your leadership team, they are able to work better, together.

Conscious CULTURES

Our business cultures have always been the very lifeblood of our organisations, however, today they are in flux. When we build our cultures with intention, we attract people and stakeholders who are aligned with our purpose and core values, co-creating exponential value. Today, we have a dynamic window of opportunity to create the cultures we all want to work in.

Conscious BUSINESS

Organisations that use business as a force for good are winning hearts, minds and market share. The rise in the number of B-Corps listed over the pandemic points to a shift in focus the world over. Conscious businesses demonstrate their long-term view through a bigger, broader systems lens and cultivate conscious leaders, teams and cultures throughout their ecosystems. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

"The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability." McKinsey

Harness the untapped power and potential of diverse thinking, perspectives and experience

The business case for gender, ethnic and cultural diversity is now stronger than ever. Diverse organisations are proving to be more innovative, more adaptive to change and regularly exceed their financial targets

Today, we recognise we need the rich diversity of lived experiences, mental models, perspectives and skills to challenge the status quo and thrive.

Global events have accelerated much needed systemic change, ignited in recent years by the #metoo and #blacklivesmatter movements. 
We're also experiencing a heightened awareness of neurodiversity, we're striving for equal pay and making inroads into achieving diversity on our boards, at c-suite and executive levels.

However, progress is slow and over the course of the pandemic, the number of women in the workplace around the world plummeted to pre-2017 levels.

We're also becoming aware that our greatest barriers to change and growth lie in our unexamined cultural norms, unconscious biases and our willingness to embrace one another as an equal part of the whole.

I have known Louise in a professional setting since 2000 and have again and again been impressed by her ability to understand complex situations as well as atypical profiles and to produce or suggest original and out-of-the-box solutions to the needs on hand. Louise is also keenly passionate about what makes people tick and very approachable as well as charismatic. I can highly recommend her services. 

Tanja Tibaldi