Intentional Spaces for Deeper Connections




(re)connect with your team

Is your team missing out on being connected, having a sense of belonging and feeling seen, heard and valued?

Teams across the sectors are reporting feeling disconnected, exhausted and uninspired and it's no wonder. Recent years have been full of change and uncertainty, which has shifted our relationship to work and is having a profound impact on people and our organisational cultures.

Connected Teams is designed to get you and your team or working group (re)connected. Each and every facet, from the purpose of your session to ensuring each person has their say, has been carefully designed to create space for meaningful connections to occur.

Bring your team together to build psychological safety and trust in one another and foster a sense of inclusion and belonging

Tap into your team's collective wisdom, insight and knowledge to collaborate on current challenges or opportunities

Gather your team together to use as a sounding board for fresh new ideas, approaches and innovative ways forward

Gather your people together, 

we're going on a Mission!

1 Mission

(think of this as your purpose and theme)

1 Team/Group

1 Facilitator



Virtual Session over Zoom


Teams or working groups


To be agreed




Consultation, mission design & session facilitation

Pause, connect intentionally, purposefully...

How does Connected Teams work?

  • What's Your Purpose? We first meet for a consultation to agree your purpose and a theme (we call this a Mission) and to secure a date for your Session.
  • We then design your Mission providing each team/group member with instructions and guidelines on how to make the best of their time.
  • Your Session: we meet for 90-minutes over Zoom where each member of your team will have the opportunity to contribute.
  • Team members have the space to give one another feedback and offer their insight, wisdom and ideas.

Ready to book this Session for your team or organisation?

Word of Mouth

I took part in one of Louise's sessions and her wealth of experience in helping others excel shows. Combined with her empathy and ability to connect participants made for a really valuable experience. 
Roger Norton
It was a super experience engaging with the ease and expertise that Louise brought to the session; thank you for the opportunity to engage with everyone, which made it extra special.
Shelley Coleman-Marsh
I participated because I am fascinated by what collective wisdom can generate as outcomes in a minimum of time. But it also needs a facilitator to make it happen and for solutions to spark. Louise does that gracefully. Thanks Louise! 
Missak Vehouni

Meet Your Facilitator

Louise Mowbray works with leaders around the world...
Louise Mowbray is the Founder of Mowbray by Design, which she established in London in 2005. She specialises in The Future of Work and Leadership, working with some of the world's most respected leaders and C-suite teams at the intersection of leadership, innovation, transformation and purpose-driven business. 
Louise is a Conscious Leadership Coach (ICF), Natural Foresight® Practitioner (TFSX) and a behavioural science practitioner (Lumina Learning). She is a keynote speaker and an occasional visiting lecturer for business schools.
Louise is the author of Relevant: Future-Focused Leadership and a co-author of Uncertainty: Making Sense of the World for Better, Bolder Outcomes
She is also the host of the Lead Into the Future Today (LIFT) Podcast, LIFT 'Conversations on Camera' and co-host of 'In Conversation'.

You can subscribe to #LIFTher regular newsletter on LinkedIn and read her articles on Substack.