October 1

Build your personal brand for 2013


1 October 2012 – what you start TODAY will set the tone for 2013

Today is the 1st day of the last quarter of 2012 and marks the fast march towards Christmas.  Assuming the world doesn’t come to and end 😉 what you start today will form the foundation of what you realise and actualise in 2013. 

The big Q is – what do you want for 2013? 

What changes do you need to put in place NOW to meet your objectives, fulfil your purpose and set the tone for the year to come?  Personally, professionally and for your business?

Personal Leadership Brand is the foundation

If I had said these words seven years ago when I started delivering personal brand services, it would have been considered a wild statement.  Simply because we didn’t yet understand the concept – or the power in building people brands.  In today’s connected human economy, we really get the notion of perception and reputation.  How we are perceived results in our reputation, which has a direct and measurable effect on our ability to be successful.

Your personal brand is an enabler or inhibitor
What do you choose?  Imagine the power in enabling all of your stakeholder facing people – the results are remarkable, extraordinary and measurable.   More specifically, you and your people can expect:

  • To have a full understanding of how you are perceived and the necessary tools and insights to build and manage your impact and relationships with all of your stakeholders;
  • To fully understand what it is that is deeply, authentically compelling about you to your target markets and audience (all stakeholders), and how to deliver consistently and to effect change online, offline and in person;
  • To (re)connect to your purpose, values and passions and to take responsibility for causing the effects you desire – elevating your confidence in the value you deliver;
  • To develop your leadership capabilities, to fully understand why others follow and to be in action of leadership;
  • To enable your team(s) to have a powerful, measurable impact on all stakeholders;
  • To understand Corporate Leadership Brand and how to connect the magic trilogy – that of corporate brand, client experience and employee brand – your people’s’ actions and behaviours.

How we do this…
Individuals:  Personal Brand Coaching & Mentoring
Teams:  Workshops & Facilitation
Organisations: All of the above & The Wild Card video tutorial



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