November 5

Are you doing ’10 before 10′?

10  BEFORE 10
I recently came across this powerful nugget from Terry Edwards and feel compelled to share it with you.  My most successful clients do this naturally and those who have adopted this habit have seen their business lives improve dramatically.
10 conversations with your key stakeholders before 10 am every day.
Can you imagine the incredible results over the period of one month?
10 conversations X 20 working days = 200 new opportunities.

So who are your stakeholders?  When it comes to building your personal brand, understanding who your stakeholders are – and what they want and need from you is absolutely vital.  Your stakeholders are anyone and anything that can have an effect on your ability to be successful.  This is all about outside-in thinking.  Getting out of your head and into the heads of those who matter.  And working out what they want and need from you – and delivering it.

Try this for 30 days
You might want to give this a try.  Every day before you do anything: before you deal with your inbox, before you make any calls, before you check Facebook or Linkedin – before you do anything, make those ten calls.  Not ten emails.  Ten phone calls.

And share the results with us…
Please share the results.  Because sharing the results of your success is wonderfully motivating for all of us.  Send me a mail in a month’s time and let me know what has changed?  With your permission, I shall share your story with everyone.

Personal Leadership Brand Workshop
I shall be in Johannesburg at the end of November and will be holding a Personal Leadership Brand Workshop open to all,  in association with the Marketing Association of South Africa.  Watch out for dates if this is for you.


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