2017: Formulating a fresh new way forward…

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If you are anything like me, new year’s resolutions just don’t quite make the grade.  I need to dream bigger, find something within myself that deeply resonates and then, only then am I able to get into a practical planning mode.

With this in mind I thought I would share 6 key questions that provoke the kind of thought that turns dreams and ideas into desire, passion and action.

The BIG Q’s:

  1. What do I want life to look like this time next year?
  2. Which of these elements am I resistant to and why?
  3. What redundant patterns of thinking are holding me back?
  4. What can I let go of in order to get there?
  5. What thinking / competencies / skills do I need to develop and foster to get there?
  6. Is my personal brand strong enough to support me in doing this?

Question SIX:

I have been working with people and organisations in the Personal Leadership Brand space for the last decade and to begin with, the concept was more than just a little bit out there.

As the power of social and digital media has grown, so too has the recognition that we all have a brand, whether we are managing it or not.  Question SIX is the enabler of all elseIf we are not consciously managing ourselves as we might manage a brand, the chances of success are pretty slim.

So a special offer for you and yours this festive season. Access to The Wild Card, the online, on-demand, video based course I originally developed for Durham Business School in the UK, and now available to all on Udemy.  The course is usually $95, and the offer to Mowbray by Design’s community is $47.

Click on this link or the image below to learn more and sign up, and please feel free to extend this to others who you think might benefit. The deadline is the 31st December 2016.

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