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Corporate Leadership Brand is the phrase used to describe linking the three success elements of your business – your people, your brand promise and your client experience. The ultimate trilogy – your leadership brand drives your internal identity/culture, links it with your external identity/brand & delivers a compelling client experience and investor confidence.

I am doing some amazing work in this space.  Traditionally, organisations spend vast amounts of time and money on all three of these elements – in isolation.  Now we are beginning to realise the disconnect – that of employees in action (or not) of the brand promise, which can lead to a sub-optimal client experience, which impacts your bottom line – across the business.

So let’s take a look at each of these three elements:

Brand promise

  • A vision of what the brand must be and do for the customer
  • What the brand stands for (past and present)
  • Has roots in identity gained over time
  • What the customer buys into
  • What employees buy into (or not) and are/not in action of
  • Employees are a collection of Personal Brands – each impacting on their stakeholder touch-points internally and externally

Client Experience

  • Signed up to the brand promise
  • Results / experience driven
  • Relationship driven
  • Brand promise driven
  • Experience congruency / in-congruency between the brand promise and employee actions and behaviours

Employee Actions & Behaviours

  • A collection of Leadership and Personal Brands…
  • Expertise driven
  • Relationship driven
  • Client impact driven (internal & external)
  • Revenue driven
  • In action of the brand promise?

The first and most vital element is to get your leaders at all levels to develop their personal leadership brands and to start to consciously cause the effects they want to see in the business.  We all know that leadership drives culture and trying to effect a cultural change without each individual being in action of the culture is expensive and ineffectual.

So the place to start is Conscious Leadership.  This drives a Conscious Business, which leads to Conscious Capitalism.  The most exciting place to play.  Research shows that Conscious Businesses are far more profitable than their sleepy cousins.


Corporate Leadership Brand

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