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Why should Louise Mowbray should speak at TEDx?

I recently applied to speak at TEDx in Cape Town.

A huge thank you to those of you who nominated me, and to TEDx for sharing what you had to say:

  • Louise is a brilliant and captivating speaker - internationally recognised, with a refreshing approach to pressing contemporary issues. Her thought leadership is beneficial to a wide range of companies and individuals.
  • Louise is eloquent, intelligent and full of wisdom and adds enormous value to an audience.
  • I have seen her in action and she is brilliant.
  • Motivational speakers are a dime a dozen, here you have someone with integrity who is believable… and yes, real.
  • Louise is an inspiring and deeply knowledgeable speaker, and many more people should hear her talk.
  • Louise Mowbray is awe-inspiring with a wealth of insight and passion to offer.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Louise and have witnessed her wisdom, passion and enthusiasm. She commands our attention and many people would benefit from what she has to share.
  • Louise is an inspirational motivator. She is passionate about building leaders and organisations and lives her brand, practising what she preaches.
  • Louise is amazingly inspirational and an absolute pleasure to be in the company of and listen to. She is an inspiring and invigorating speaker. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
  • Louise is down-to-earth, innovative, clear thinking and hugely inspiring.  Her no-nonsense approach is built on her confidence in getting great results. Brilliant and entertaining speaker.
  • Louise is passionate, articulate, truly knowledgeable about her subject and a captivating speaker.
  • Louise has loads to contribute and share leading in business today and she is a hugely inspirational speaker.
  • Louise is interesting, articulate and sharp. Definitely worth listening to.
  • Louise is a remarkable speaker who inspires everyone she encounters to step towards the light and unlock our magic. Developing leadership capabilities means diving into the realms of consciousness to “know thyself”. The journey towards conscious business is underway!
  • Louise is ahead of the curve and is an inspirational thinker and compelling speaker. I admire her and others will too!
  • With her wealth of experience helping diverse professionals, Louise's talk promises to be incredibly interesting if not entertaining, and peppered with enlightenment!
  • Louise is a thought leader in her field and her ideas are a vital part of business re-establishing its accountability/humanity. Sustainable business practices for continuous future viability are a must for building ethical capital with all stakeholders. 
  • Louise is thorough, persistent and knowledgeable on her topic. She has been instrumental in supporting me through change and many more deserve to hear her speak passionately on her topic.
  • Louise is a true professional and a master of her topic. If you have never heard her speak, you've missed a valuable learning opportunity.
  • Louise is a phenomenal speaker, a real professional and an expert in her field.
  • Louise is a great speaker and I have listened to her talks a number of times - she will bring great value to your events.
  • Louise has a valuable contribution to make. She is dynamic, creative and a powerful speaker!
  • To shape and shift the consciousness of business in an economy that is desperate for integrity, confidence, trust and honourable business. To do things differently and shape our country into a place that is safe to be successful and still maintain integrity in all aspects.
  • TEDx features forward-thinking, and conscious capitalism is a new idea, a concept that Louise Mowbray has explored and is experienced with. To give Louise an opportunity to share her passion and knowledge of the subject is an opportunity for the whole community to think differently about leadership, economic impact and consciousness.
  • Louise walks the talk. She is passionate, smart, brave, eloquent and unapologetic about calling the elephant in the room. She is extremely organised and gets things done. I want the whole world to experience this magical lady who is a teacher at heart.
  • Louise is deeply insightful and has global experience that contributes to quality conversations.  She is a catalyst for leadership and futures thinking.
  • Inspirational person to work for. Very knowledgeable regarding all areas of leadership and business. Highly successful individual and a real go-getter.
  • She is a dynamic woman and an inspirational speaker.
  • Louise has a huge following in personal and professional development - she ignites the potential to change how business is developed, transacted and delivered.
  • Louise brings a different dimension to the table, she is an excellent and relevant speaker.
  • Excellent topic, exceptionally well delivered by a wonderfully motivated person.

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