Seven personal branding essentials for 09

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Whilst many are focused on a dry January, nil-per-mouth and a gym membership to shift the holiday pounds, I thought I’d add to the mix with seven personal branding essentials for what promises to be an interesting year…

  1. Perception is reality – spend some time discovering how you are actually perceived by your audience or markets – what you learn will give you invaluable clues as to anything that might be creating obstacles for you.
  2. Really focus on what is distinct, different, memorable, unique, and ultimately compelling about who you are and what you do and find ways to demonstrate this to those who can influence your success.
  3. Turn the tables and examine each market or audience that has an influence on your success from their perspective, and ask yourself what they want from someone like you – adapt how you deal with them accordingly.
  4. Ensure that all of this is authentic and consistent – anything less will be perceived as untrustworthy and unreliable.
  5. Take the lead in a variety of ways appropriate to your role and markets to demonstrate your brand – from initiatives to focus groups to keynote speaking or new endeavours – you will be associated with the topic and perceived as the person to go to in that field.
  6. Relationships are key… ultimately we tend to go with those that we feel that we have some sort of emotional connection with – let your personality shine through in order to give others something to buy into.
  7. Make sure that your image is not standing in your way… first and foremost it needs to be appropriate, which will communicate how you value yourself, leading others to value you in the same way.

Above all, don’t attempt to be anything other than yourself – just do it better.

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