June 5

Motivational Speaking vs Real Value

Motivational speakersThis is a personal bugbear of mine.  I was fortunate enough to spend the first 15 years of my working life with listed companies and they all invested in us, in me.  Their investment equalled better performance.  My investment equalled better pay and resultsIt was a win-win.  This involved walking on coals – and glass; outward-bound experiences shifting along shoal faces in water filled caves – wellies full of water; climbing mountains; rescuing animals, feeding remote villages – uplifting the downtrodden; hellicoptering in to disaster areas; skydiving for charity and so much more.

And through all these experiences I got one thing – when you get it you can give it!  Namaste.

Saying this, and not for a moment dissing what I experienced (it was all good), I have come to a realisation.  There is difference between motivational speaking and a shift within the BEing.  BEing drives DOing – we need to shift in our BEings to result in effortless DOing to deliver real value for ourselves, our organisations and our communities.  I don’t believe in motivational speakers.  The motivation lasts for a short time and then we revert to who we are.  So the only way forward is to shift within.

As a professional speaker I am always aware of the need to deliver something in the ‘aha’ space.  Something you can take away with you and keep.  It’s yours to keep.  It needs to be something you get, which means you can give it from a place of authenticity.  Anything less is pure hype.


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