September 16

LIFT THIS WEEK: What it means to be innovative…


On LIFT This Week I share some insight around innovation in the context of our careers and business; what it means to be innovative, why we often mistakenly think that being creative and innovative is for other people and how we can discover just how innovative we really are.

I trust this inspires you to think about innovation with a new perspective!  Let me have your feedback and please feel free to share with a friend who needs a LIFT this week...

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Develop a Culture of Innovation

This graphic is from Lumina Learning's new Spark Up Your Innovation Programme, which uses the Lumina Spark to reveal just how innovative you and your team actually are and where you need to focus to build this capability. 

This insight then creates a firm foundation to develop a sustainable culture of innovation for your business.  Get in contact if you would like to explore this for your team or organisation.


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