LIFT THIS WEEK: 3 Simple Steps to Create Your Desired Future

LIFT Podcast

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about trends, futures and foresight and in LIFT This Week, I share 3 Simple Steps for you to work with to "think like a futurist" and consciously create your desired future, in the context of your career and business.

I have included a free downloadable exercise "3 Simple Steps" for you to do either whilst listening to this podcast or later, in your own time.  Fill in your details and it will be delivered to your inbox.

If you are inspired to "think like a futurist", don't miss my interview with Charlotte Kemp, Futures Alchemist, here on LIFT.

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Q  Did you find this exercise easy or challenging from a “big picture thinking” perspective?  If you would like to know how innovative, creative and agile you actually are, take the online Lumina Learning Profile to reveal your strengths and areas to improve.

Send me a mail if you would like to explore futures and big picture thinking for yourself, your team or your organisation.

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