Lessons in grace and elegance

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I have just got back to my desk after a breakfast at Harvey Nic’s to launch Lucia van der Post’s new book; Things I wish my mother had told me – Lessons in grace and elegance.

Hearing Lucia talk about manners, grace and elegance made me think of my father somehow, and his take on ‘manners maketh man’… a mantra that I grew up with. And yet, it is all too easy to slip and slop into less than graceful behaviour when we are under pressure.

There is a pure and simple elegance in those who are courteous, kind and honest. I find this particularly with clients who are hugely successful. It doesn’t mean that they are walkovers… in fact, they are often driven, focused and have a steely vision. What it does mean is they do it all with grace, which is part and parcel of their Personal Brand. Leaders need followers and we choose to follow those who somehow manage to take us with them.

As for Lucia’s Personal Brand… definitely all the right ingredients. She is unique and compelling, truly authentic, consistently consistent. And grace? She has it by the bucket load.

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