April 19

Are you ready?

We are ready when we’re ready.  Not before, not after, but in the moment we know we are ready.  It’s that simple.

What starts with a whisper of a hint of an idea percolates in the background and bubbles up into the present – a minor epiphany, an ‘aha’ moment; we make a decision and we are on our way… or not.

When we don’t take action, this incredibly powerful moment of clarity, purpose and passion starts to disintegrate before our eyes.  We tango to the left, salsa to the right, throw in a rumba back step and dance our way out of what we know we need to do.  And action is what’s needed.  So when you’re ready, get going however small the first step might be.  For if you change even one teeny tiny thing for the better, you can’t help but change everything.

Here at Mowbray by Design we’ve been walking our talk and are fast approaching the launch of The Wild Card.  When Durham Business School asked me to produce a video for their learning platform, I had no idea it would lead to such an extraordinary project.

The Wild Card – Consciously Causing the Effect™ is a ‘multimedia video book’, designed for you personally, and for organisations of all shapes and sizes.  The foundations are firmly built on thriving in today’s connected human economy through building your Personal Brand, Leadership Brand, Team Brand and Corporate Leadership Brand.

If you’re interested in discovering more on behalf of your company, contact me directly.  And if you would like to explore personally, watch this space, I’ll let you know when it’s available 🙂


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