June 26

2021: The Year of Courageous Leadership


This week, in the middle of a leadership team coaching session, the CEO paused for so long I thought she’d lost her connection. Suddenly she exclaimed, “2021 feels like a continuous rollover, except there’s no jackpot!”

And yes, it can certainly feel that way if we get stuck in the day-to-day ‘reality’ of our current, rather bizarre lives or if we live in fear of the future.

The truth is, we all have way more power and influence than we might realise. With everything in flux, there is a unique and urgent opportunity for us all to be intentional, active architects of our futures. This quote from Hillel the Elder really struck a chord:

“If not now, when? If not you, who?”

2021: The Year of Courageous Leadership

If 2020 was all about discovering how resilient we are, this year is asking us to be way more courageous. To take a chance, to venture further than we might be comfortable with and to take a stand for what we believe in.

As with all things that offer great rewards, it comes with a flipside. The knowledge you are taking the right action, often mixed with some fear or trepidation. The art (and yes, there’s always an art) is to acknowledge both and be courageous anyway. Easier said than done? These questions may help:

Q: What do you believe in? What are you prepared to take a stand for?

Q: As a leader, what can you do today that might need a dash, or indeed, a dollop of courage? Is there anything that is just plain unjust, discriminatory, inequitable or non-inclusive that you have the power to speak up about or change for the better?

Q: If so, what will you do and by when? (Give yourself an action and a deadline.)

👋 Are you on Clubhouse?

When I was invited to join, my first thoughts were, “oh no, not another social platform”. I was wrong. This one is different. Pure audio, one profile picture, no timeline – it’s not a vanity platform. People from around the world connecting, networking and talking live about interest-based topics, (mostly) adding value to each other’s lives. Incredibly refreshing and yes, just slightly addictive.

If you’d like an invitation to join, do let me know. I have a handful of invites to give away to the first who respond. Send me a mail with your mobile number and I shall do the rest for you (it’s still in beta for iPhone users only).

If you’re already a member, let’s connect – I’d love to hear of your experience so far? Do you have a business strategy on how best to use it (and if so, is it working) or are you being a tourist; listening, learning and observing? 

The Big Q

What can I give? What can I share? What can I offer?

This is a wonderful mantra if you find yourself feeling disempowered in any way. It instantly shifts your energy from a sense of lack into one of being of – and creating value. I start with this every morning and use it whenever I feel stressed or anxious about the future. Let me know if it works for you too?

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Until next time, feel free to get in touch and take good care of yourself.

Best, Louise



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