June 19

Whole Foods Market

Ranked this year at No. 5 in FORTUNE® “100 Best Companies to Work For”, Whole Foods Market has opened in High Street Kensington, London. There has been a rather interesting response from the press, with praise and criticism closely interwoven.

I am probably at least a little biased as this three floor emporium to natural and organic food is on my doorstep. My first foray left me down £70 with not much to show for it. One needs a strict shopping list or the delight in finding the unique and unusual can leave you staggering out with heavy bags and a much lighter wallet. A wonderful assortment of dried figs, strange shaped vegetables and unpronounceable fruit – and when you get home and unpack it all, you realise that there is not a meal in sight.

Oh, one decent find… Veuve Clicquot at £24.99 a bottle. That’s about 10% less than Tesco.


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