May 21

Who loves you?

acoolworld, asmallworld, facebook, professionalblackbook, youtube, myspace, abigworld, qube, decayenne, iqons… by the time you have logged in and fiddlefaddled about its time to go home. Is this the strange personal alter-ego push/pull that is a personal parallel to reality tv? Or perhaps its our 15 minutes of fame reduced to 1.5 seconds. Or worse… competition in its most basic form – who has the most contacts, connections. Who is most loved?

Pretty interesting social phenomenon and at this age I am already considered a comms dinosaur by anyone under 30. Hard to fathom but I guess they are on the money. My saving grace is the blog but hell, that’s probably old hat.

Talking of old hat, I was with a client shopping for the penultimate Ascot wow-factor yesterday… It seems that we all have a fascination with hats – for some, a great way of adding a little mystery, for others, personality. From the wide-brimmed to the bejewelled scull-cap, I found myself asking who is wearing who? Do you wear the hat or does the hat wear you? I have only one comment: make sure that it’s the former!


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