July 23

Wardrobe Malfunction


Rather fun lunch yesterday with a few friends and the subject of wardrobe malfunctions came up. Much hysterical laughter and blush inducing embarrassment even though none were as public as Janet Jackson’s or as common as Britney’s… a few of my favourites:

  • FL in Boujis in a plunging navel revealing neckline chatting and bopping away – the dress had shifted neatly revealing one breast… needless to say, she is now a great fan of tape;
  • Recent shopping with LE parading a dress on the shop floor wondering whether it would stay intact if she moved around – we suggested that she wriggle around a little, which she did. Only problem was that she had forgotten to tie the back and it ended up around her waist – shock, horror (from the sales assistant) and howling laughter from the rest of us;
  • Me on the dance floor in a white wrap skirt that fastened with poppers… one spin too many and it landed up in a puddle around my ankles – the chap who I was dancing with had eyes like saucers, I think he thought it was a party trick;
  • KB in a public loo with her skirt neatly tucked into her thong about to make her exit when someone piped up ‘I just can’t let you leave like that’ (we nicknamed this kind stranger ‘the saving grace’;
  • On my way to a meeting on a very warm and humid London summer morning (yes, we used to have them) when my body lotion melted and one of my hold up stockings started to lose its grip and slide down my leg … I had to stop and pull it off with a flourish to the amazed expressions of fellow commuters;
  • AJ swimming at the gym… she got out of the pool and made her way to the showers, removed her swimming costume and proceeded to do the hair and body washing routine, only to open her eyes and realise that she had a large audience – she was using the public shower next to the pool… someone kindly handed her a towel.

Couldn’t think of many that men have apart from the old zipper / flies problem, which is just way too common to mention…

Have any of your own stories to add to these? Feel free to post a comment!


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