May 13

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Corporate Leadership Brand, Leadership Brand, Louise Mowbray, Personal Brand

The Wild Card DVD is due for release this month 🙂  When Durham Business School originally commissioned me to produce a video on Personal Brand, Leadership Brand, Team Brand & Corporate Leadership Brand for their Alumni, I had no idea it would turn into such an exciting project.

The Wild Card is initially available to learning institutions and corporates from the end of May.  The book and DVD will follow shortly after that and will be available to all over Amazon, Kindle and iBooks.  Contact me directly if you are interested in finding out more…

The Wild Card takes you on a journey of self-discovery and practical application to consciously build your brand for greater success, self-mastery and financial freedom in the connected human economy.

How conscious leaders and companies win by building

  • Personal Brand
  • Leadership Brand
  • Team Brand
  • Corporate Leadership Brand


Corporate Leadership Brand, Durham Business School, Leadership, leadership brand, Louise Mowbray, Mowbray by Design, Personal Brand, The Wild Card

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