May 5

The Secret


I have two rather delicious books on the go at the moment… The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which needs concentration, imagination, no interruption, and Piers Morgan’s ‘Don’t you know who I am’… immensely amusing and something one can dip in and out of. Yes, as captivating your life is Piers, you are easy to put down! There is something rather self indulgent about reading books. I feel a little guilty, as if I should be reserving them for true downtime on a beach somewhere, not languishing on my sofa ignoring the call of electronic comms. Wicked, in the old fashioned sense of the word.

I donated an Image Consultation for a charity auction last year. The person who successfully bid for it turned out to be someone I needed most… an accountant. I guess The Secret is all too true. The power of intention, of our thoughts more fundamentally far reaching than we are consciously aware of. There is such a buzz about this book at the moment… I was chatting to the builder who I am working with on my Knightsbridge project and he was telling me that he always imagines his parking place, waiting for him, empty, exactly where he needs it, and how its almost always there.

So as ever I am flirting with how to further employ this in Personal Branding. If the power of how we think creates our reality (and I am sure that we all subscribe to this in one way or another), what price not? It always seems to come down to ‘what price not’.

On a more down to earth note, I was shopping with the accountant yesterday. When I asked him what he wanted out of the session, he said that he wanted to look ‘debonaire’. I like that. I like that a lot… even more so as he was up for it. So if you spot the unusual sight of a debonaire accountant lunching cafe style in Chiswick this long weekend, you will know who I am talking about!


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