May 3

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7% Of what we communicate to others are the actual words we use. This means that the remaining 93% is made up of how we look, how we sound and our body language. We make up our minds about someone in seconds, and then spend the rest of the time justifying our decisions to ourselves.

Frightening really, especially if we are constantly doing subconscious things that are putting people off. So what can we do about it?

How we look: It’s the first thing that people notice about us, however, it doesn’t hold as much weight as tone of voice. Pay attention to what your grooming and clothing/accessories are saying about you, and dress appropriately for the environment that you are in.

Tone of voice: we reveal all in the intonations, the emphasis, the volume to name but a few. Take a second to think about what reactions the tone that you use will provoke in the person you are talking to…

Body language: the ultimate test, the big revealer. This is where it all comes together and whatever your true feelings about a situation, your body will not lie. Become conscious of the little unconscious things that you do…

And if all this makes you realise that you might be due for an Image overhaul, you can book an Image & Personal Branding Consultation by calling me on +44 776 800 2840.


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