Join us for a powerful X-week journey and move from stress to freedom

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(1. What is it?)

Welcome to the Systemic Resilience Mastermind

We're delighted you're here. This powerful Mastermind has been carefully designed to take you on a whole-life, systemic journey to bring you mental and emotional peace, physical vitality and wellbeing and spiritual connection and freedom.

Your X-week journey includes 8 live virtual sessions with renowned teachers supported by an interactive Learning Platform and App and private meetings with your Community Pod.

Mastermind Includes

8 Live Sessions over twelve weeks

5 Renowned International Teachers

Interactive Learning Platform & App

Private Community Pod Meetings

(3.Who is it for?) Our ability to live and work in the context of today's world has changed Acknowledgement

Describe current context, rising to meet the challenges of our world of work and life....

Being in action of your full potential 

You're here because

  • You're on a Quest for Growth | You have an strong desire to deepen your self-knowledge and personal growth
  • You want to Prevent Burnout | You suspect you may be on the verge of burnout and know you need to build your resilience 
  • You want to be Future-Ready | You are determined to build your capacity to deal with whatever challenges come your way 

(2. What will you learn?)

  • The Neuroscience Behind How Your Brain Works | Dr Lehan Stemmet Ph.D
  • Spiritual Principles & Manifestation | Michael Vandenberg
  • Emotional Intelligence & Living Consciously | Louise Mowbray
  • New Habits For Personal Change | Paul Van Musschenbroek
  • Nutrition, Recovery & Wellbeing | Candice Johnsen
  • Meditation as a Resilience Practice | Michael Vandenberg
  • Community, Connection & Resilience in the World | Louise Mowbray
  • Systemic Resilience Deep Integration

Meet Your Teachers

Dr Lehan Stemmet Ph.D

Lehan is a researcher, teacher and coach who works with corporate leaders and private individuals to understand how to master their brain-body biology and psychology in their quest to beat stress and live a more resilient and fulfilling life.

Candice Johnsen

Candice is a qualified Health Coach who works with professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve optimal health, so that they can approach life and work with vitality, energy and inspiration.

Michael Vandenberg

Michael is a way-shower, awakener, Spiritual Advisor and Shaman who helps you step out of conditioning and reaction programmes, empowering you to master your reality.

Louise Mowbray

Louise is a Future-Focused Conscious Leadership Coach (ICF), Advisor, Thought Partner, Facilitator and Speaker. She works with leaders, entrepreneurs, c-suite and boards to navigate our world of work, today and into the future.

Paul Van Musschenbroek

Paul is a qualified ICF master life and leadership coach who helps his clients explore possibility through purpose, intuition, overcoming inner obstacles and mindful and deliberate action.