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Time to Connect

Are you traveling and attending as many conferences and meet-ups as you did pre-pandemic? If not, you're likely to be missing out on a valuable part of your business life: the serendipity of chance meetings and the opportunity to build your informal networks.

Your informal networks offer you a bridge to building new relationships, to collaborating and co-creating. They're also a brilliant sounding board for any new ideas or challenges you're working with offering insight, wisdom, learning and growth. 

Join top-quality people from around the world to connect, build your informal networks and find opportunities to collaborate and co-create. Tap into diverse, fresh perspectives that exist outside of your usual circle of friends, colleagues and other networks.

Join a Facilitated SmartPod

5 People

1 Facilitator



Virtual session over Zoom


Business people who desire to build their informal networks


Facilitation & access to a private channel in Slack


21 September 2022


90 Minutes @9am ET / 2pm GMT / 3pm SAST



Pause, connect intentionally, purposefully...

Tell us about yourself and WHAT YOU DO?

Five people, five introductions, five stories, five opportunities to connect and collaborate

  • Your SmartPod session is facilitated and you'll be provided with guidelines on how to make the most of your time.
  • You will have the opportunity to present who you are, what you do, your business offerings and any new ideas you want feedback on to your SmartPod.
  • SmartPod members will have the space to give one another feedback and offer their insight, wisdom and ideas.
  • Places are limited to five people (excluding your facilitator) and are curated so that you meet a selection of top quality people.
  • After your session, you will be invited to join your SmartPod in a free Private Channel in Slack to stay connected, continue to share ideas and collaborate.

How SmartPod's Work

We meet over Zoom for 90-minutes. Your facilitator will introduce each SmartPod member and you'll then have ten-minutes to tell us about who you are, what you do, what you want out of the session and how you want to collaborate.

You can do this in any way that suits you - by having an informal chat, by preparing a few slides or showing the group what you're up to by sharing your screen. The choice is yours and you'll receive a helpful guideline before the session.

Your purpose for joining a SmartPod might be anything from broadly making serendipitous new business connections, using SmartPod members as a sounding board for a new offering to leveraging the insight and wisdom of the group to run new ideas by. 

You may be interested in expanding into new markets or be looking for a specific type of partner or opportunity. Your fellow SmartPod members will then have the space to give you feedback, insight, ideas or offer to make an introduction.

Who are SmartPod's designed for?

You want to build your informal networks to expand your reach, collaborate or co-create with a quality group of engaged people.
You're making considerable changes in your career or business life and would benefit from an external, impartial sounding board. 
You're excited by the prospect of accessing a diverse, global network to act as source of collective wisdom for your new ideas, products or services.

Why SmartPod's? Why now? Why only $29.95?

After the success of the global "Time to Pivot" open sessions, which we ran during the Pandemic, we've redesigned our sessions into a powerful, relevant format that best suits the world of work we are all experiencing today.

We learned a great deal from Time to Pivot - people value top quality connections, the space to talk about what they're doing, discover opportunities to collaborate, run ideas by and expand their global reach.

SmartPod's are designed to do all of this and have the added benefits of being a curated, facilitated and closed. We want you to get the very best out of your session.

Why only $29.95? We're charging a nominal fee to cover costs and to make sure that our SmartPod participants are fully committed to showing up! Once you have confirmed your attendance, your fellow SmartPod members are relying on your presence and participation.

Word of Mouth

It was a super experience engaging with the ease and expertise that Louise brought to the session; thank you for the opportunity to engage with such a diverse group of people from all over the globe, which made it extra special.
Shelley Coleman-Marsh
I took part in one of Louise's sessions and her wealth of experience in helping others excel shows. Combined with her empathy and ability to connect with top quality participants made for a really valuable experience. 
Roger Norton
The session was deftly crafted by Louise for constructive engagement and problem solving. Louise is an extraordinarily gifted communicator, a creative and original thinker. It was a pleasure and privilege to participate.
Dr Ronnie Stangler


I participated in a session because I am fascinated by what collective wisdom can generate as outcomes in a minimum of time. But it also needs a facilitator to make it happen and for solutions to spark. Louise does that gracefully. Thanks Louise! 
Missak Vehouni

Meet Louise

Louise Mowbray is the Founder of Mowbray by Design, the Creative Conscious Leadership Consultancy, which she established in London in 2005.
She is a future-focused Executive Coach (ICF), Advisor, Facilitator and Thought-Partner to leaders, entrepreneurs, c-suite and executive teams across a number of sectors, cultures and countries.
As a professional speaker she is regularly invited to deliver keynotes, lectures and workshops on our World of Work for a variety of organisations and business schools.
Louise is a member and regular contributor to the Grey Swan Guild, the global think tank and is an Executive Principal for Cygnus Sprints - the guild's venture arm.
She is the Host of the Lead Into the Future Today (LIFT) Podcast, LIFT Conversations on Camera and Time to Pivot open sessions.

You can read her articles on Substack and subscribe to #LIFT, her regular newsletter on LinkedIn.

Louise Mowbray works with leaders around the world...

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