May 1

Shop ’till you drop

Have been hard at the mac all day getting the newsletter together – due out tomorrow and its a rather diverse selection this month. It makes me laugh as its a process of happenstance… a happy discovery of various products and services over the course of a month, mentally ticking them off as I go along. And then the final unrelenting haul of pulling them all together.

I have been interviewing key people in business who are using ©The Power of Image to their advantage and they really are refreshing. One can see why they are successful… savvy, aware, curious cats. There is much to be said about questioning how we go about doing things.

Not so my client yesterday who flew in for a monster session… ohmy. It was all about knocking off a list of designer simply have to have’s and I struggled at times grasping and gasping for rhyme or reason. We laughed so much during the process. She kept joking that she was challenging my sense of taste and style. And she was. Nonetheless, with a big personality and an even bigger social life, we managed to play it all to within a few millimetres of drawing the proverbial line. Then a glass of very necessary champers whilst scheduling another round (help!) Thank you darling… not complaining, such fun!


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