October 5

Savvy, sexy siren…

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Savvy sexy siren vs accidental tourist

I do love working with people in the public eye, especially those rather charming creatures who continue to be amazed by their success. They come across as an accidental tourist, stumbling into the public eye with modesty, almost childlike naivety. And we know who they are…

I met with a client yesterday who had decided that this is the personal brand that she wants to create. She wants to be perceived by the public in this way. The only problem is that this is not who she is. In all reality, she is a savvy, sexy siren – not an accidental tourist.

The mixed messages that she has been sending have only confused her audience. On the one hand she smolders on screen and off, and on the other, pretends that she is not aware of the effect she produces. She is attempting to balance the dynamism of her persona with a hapless naivety that doesn’t exist.

Our personal brand or public persona is not something that we can suck out of our imagination… it needs to be authentic, real and consistent to be believed. And yes, we need to adjust how we approach different people, audiences, markets, but not so drastically as to confuse or appear confused.

So back to basics… What makes us unique? Is it the real deal? Are we consistent? Tick all the boxes and then publish, publish, publish.



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