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Vital Lenses for 21st-Century Leadership Teams

6-Week Leadership Team Quest

Welcome to the Future-Focused LeadershipQuest

Today, the greatest challenge facing leadership and c-suite teams is the ability to work well together in uncertainty. We're wired to avoid uncertainty and yet, we know that the future is unlikely to be anything we're able to accurately predict or plan for. It also holds the greatest opportunity for novel and exponential growth if we're able to upskill and reskill ourselves and work better, together.

We know we will experience more change across the sciences, technology, the environment and society in the next 10 years than we have done in the last 100 and bridging the gap between today's business models and what's next is proving to be deeply challenging for leaders the world over. 

This calls for a fresh new, future-focused perspective, informed by a new set of mental models or what we like to think of as our "lenses on the world". 

This LeadershipQuest empowers you and your team with new lenses to create space, make better sense of what's going on, be more purposeful, intentional and decisive in your actions and face the future with a sense of excitement, together.

Forge a new way of working. Together.

This Future-Focused LeadershipQuest delivers vital, interrelated tools to empower you and your team with new frameworks, skills, capabilities and perspectives and crucially, the ability to know when and how to use them.

We start from a powerful behavioural science-based foundation, utilising award-winning Lumina Learning Profiles, tools and models. This is followed by six live virtual sessions fully supported by an interactive learning platform.

Behavioural Science-Based Foundations

6 Live virtual Sessions over 6-Weeks

6 Future-Focused Lenses on the World

Interactive Learning Platform

Develop Your Future-Focused Lenses on the World

  • 1: EQ, Conscious Leadership & Team Cohesion | We use Lumina's behavioural science-based tools to do the heavy lifting to empower you to understand yourself and your team members better, develop vital future-focused behavioural traits, identify your blind spots and biases and collaborate to forge a new way of working together.
  • 2: Systems Thinking | Appreciate the interconnectedness of all things and shift from observing events or data in isolation to connecting the dots and looking at it in terms of wholes, relationships and patterns, giving you invaluable insight into the emergent challenges and opportunities in your business ecosystems. 
  • 3: Sensemaking & Complexity | Make sense of where you are, stay curious and be more comfortable with ambiguity and allow situations to emerge and evolve in the unknown without making the mistake of jumping to conclusions and making costly, premature decisions.
  • 4: Futures Thinking & Foresight | Use the divergent push and pull of the future to intentionally create and drive your business agenda towards a desire future and explore multiple potential futures so that you are better prepared for whatever it holds.
  • 5: Agile Thinking & Innovative Behaviours | We use Lumina's models and tools to give you instant insight into where you fit into the innovation cycle, both individually and as a team and empower you to build on that to create the cultural conditions for ideation, experimentation and innovation in your organisation.
  • 6: Integration & Application | Last, but not least, we empower you and your team to use all you’ve discovered and apply it to current or emergent strategically important projects to embed your thinking, integrate it into your day-to-day working lives.
Louise is an extraordinarily gifted communicator, a creative and original thinker. It was a pleasure and privilege to participate.
Dr. Ronnie Stangler


Vital New Perspectives

for leadership & c-suite teams

"As you see the future, so you act - and as you act, so you become." 

Barbara Hubbard, Futurist & Author

The leadership thinking that got us here won't get us where we need to be!

While we may be "future-literate" and appreciate the context we're in, the reality is, our current thinking is deeply rooted in our bias for certainty and what has or hasn't worked well for us in the past. 

We go through life creating mental models or our “lenses on the world”, which are made up of the way we’ve grown up and been schooled and trained, by the myriad of experiences we’ve had and the encouragement and criticism we’ve received in our personal and professional lives. By our highs and lows, by our wins and our losses.

These lenses or ways of making sense of things contain our past and map our future. The way we think about and perceive things changes our reality and the way we experience it. It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

When we take a moment to really consider what the next decade might hold, we appreciate that we all urgently need upskilling, reskilling and new ways of making sense of the world. However, various global studies indicate that leadership teams are far from where they need to be.

If the last few years have been all about unplanned reinvention, now is the time for leaders to be intentional about equipping themselves to better navigate the future, together. 

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Meet Your Facilitator

Louise Mowbray is the Founder of Mowbray by Design, which she established in London in 2005.
She is a future-focused Conscious Leadership & Executive Coach (ICF), Advisor, Facilitator and Thought-Partner to leaders, entrepreneurs, c-suite and executive teams across a number of sectors, cultures and countries.
As a professional speaker she is regularly invited to deliver keynotes, lectures and workshops for a variety of organisations and business schools and is Associate Faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership and Duke Corporate Education.

Louise is a member and regular contributor to the Grey Swan Guild, the global Think Tank and also is an Executive Principal for Cygnus Sprints - the guild's venture arm.

She is the Host of the Lead Into the Future Today (LIFT) Podcast, LIFT Conversations on Camera and Time to Pivot open sessions.

You can subscribe to #LIFT, her regular newsletter on LinkedIn and read her articles on Substack.