June 20

Perception is reality…

Perception is a form of reality

Perception is a form of reality. All too often it can be demonstrably false. First impressions on the other hand, really are lasting impressions, with loads of science to prove it. I

met with a rather extraordinary bunch of people this morning to discuss their organisations’ leadership brand and culture. On the one hand, we had the passion, power, commitment of a truly inspiring leader – on the other, we had feedback from the business community who don’t ‘get’ the value. The two are worlds apart.

Sometimes, passion, content and commitment are not sufficient. If the market that you are attempting to appeal to is not buying, then it is cause for a broad rethink, a re-alignment, an adjustment. And the way to get there is through understanding what your markets want to buy, where they perceive the value. No matter how passionate we are about things, no matter how good and worthy they truly are… unless the value is perceived, we will always be battling, rather than achieving a flow.


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