April 13

On style & dating…


Thank you JS for your Q’s. You asked how one should dress for a first date, second date…

First impressions are very hard to shake… On any date, whether its the first or last, don’t try too hard… There is nothing more terrifying than someone who is decked top to toe in designer gear, as if they have hauled it all out for a grand finale.
Dress appropriately… What/where is the date? Movies, dinner, Sunday brunch, a walk in the park? Always a little disconcerting if someone turns up in a jacket and tie or a pair of towering gold Jimmy’s for a gentle meander around Hyde Park.
Be Authentic… From a style perspective, don’t try to be someone you are not… You’ll get found out sooner rather than later, and if who you are is not acceptable, then ditch the date.
Grooming… Stating the obvious here, but clean hair, finger/toe nails (NB), clean clothes are all a must. Ladies, go easy on the make-up, hair spray, perfume. Gentlemen, the same for aftershave, cologne! As with all things, less is more.

I hope that helps?


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