August 5

Men in Tights


With the recent focus on men’s tights (yes, tights, as in pantyhose) on almost every news channel here in the UK, the question of whether men should wear make-up has also raised its head.

It seems that men’s tights and make-up are in demand – thousands of pairs of soft, silky tights are sold in super-large sizes every month, and a major retailer here in the UK is about to launch a new range of make-up for men. Although one wonders how it will differ to women’s make-up apart from the branding? Perhaps the heavily macho version won’t include a waterproof mascara as men don’t cry?

When it comes to tights, we can all see the benefit to the Queen’s Guards – standing in the freezing cold for hours on end – guarding the bastions of the English monarchy against anarchists, terrorists and stalkers. Or perhaps men could wear them at home to stave off the recent energy price rises. Afterall, it seems that the average UK household may soon be paying 100 GBP per month for their energy bills.

All well and good, except for the very simple question – do women find men in tights, or those with a dash of eyeliner attractive? From my (un)scientific research conducted on a group of smart savvy women (my friends) the response has been overwhelmingly conclusive. No. Howls of laughter, loads of eeeuuuw’s, noses crinkled in distaste. And the “I’d run a mile if he took his trousers off and then started peeling off a pair of 10 deniers.” It’s always useful to put things into context.


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