Linkedin hits the 200 million mark

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Linkedin top 1 percentI have long advocated Linkedin as the business networking site of choice Рand to my surprise, this turned up in my inbox as they hit the 200 million member mark.  I must be doing something right so thought I would share a couple of tips in getting your profile up and working for you as a vital element of building your Personal & Leadership Brand:

  • As with all social and digital media, keep your profile up to date;
  • Upload your address book and connect with your contacts;
  • Keep it light, talk about your passions and what inspires you;
  • Add content that adds value to others – give a little consistently and it will serve you well;
  • Connect with people who have viewed your profile and always add a personal note;
  • Ask people you have worked with for recommendations and do the same for them;
  • Last but certainly not least – don’t spam your contacts!

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