Harness your collective wisdom & embrace new ways of working


It's time to reframe our thinking around creativity & innovation!

We often associate innovation with technology, the sciences and engineering and creativity with the arts or design. It's something that "other people do". In reality, innovation is simply the practical implementation of incremental, disruptive or radical ideas and experiments that create tangible value for our organisations.

This Masterclass teaches executive and leadership teams to think more holistically about creativity, innovation and experimentation and to work better together to harness their collective wisdom and embrace new ways of working. 

Interactive Virtual Team Engagement
Executive & Leadership Teams
Individual and team assessments, models & tools
2 Half-days + 60-minutes per month over 3 months

"Creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things."

Theodore Levitt

The Masterclass

This Masterclass has been meticulously designed to teach you and your team vital new skills and perspectives and to support you to create the conditions for a thriving culture of innovative thought and action, specifically suited to your business and the context in which you operate. 

We start from a powerful behavioural science-based foundation, using Lumina Learning's Agile Thinking and Innovation models followed by 2 live virtual sessions and monthly check-in's over 3 months.

Originally developed for the Kuwaiti Foundation for the Advancement of Science or KFAS (read the Case Study) and now available for virtual leadership team engagements.
  • Overcome inertia and uncertainty by taking a journey together through an iterative process designed to spark creative collaboration.
  • Using behavioural science, understand where you fit into the innovation cycle, individually and collectively and identify and unleash the powerful diversity your team offers.
  • Develop vital mental models or lenses on the world including Agile, Systems & Futures Thinking to enable you to approach innovation from bigger, broader future-focused perspective.
  • Create the cultural conditions for ideas to land and grow and foster an organisational culture of experimentation and innovation. 
  • Design, launch and drive your innovation projects with continued support over a period of 3 months.


We get deeply curious, ask loads of questions, listen deeply, get clear on your purpose and establish measurable outcomes before the engagement starts.

ASSESSMENTS & One-2-one feedback

Your team will each be sent a link to the award-winning Lumina Spark Portrait, which takes approximately twenty-minutes to complete online. This delivers the Individual, Team, Agile Thinking and Innovation reporting, which forms the foundation of this engagement.

  • Each team member will receive a full Report followed by a sixty-minute one-to-one feedback Coaching Session with Louise.


Having gained the foundation of self-knowledge, we come together for two fully interactive three-hour virtual sessions over the course of two weeks to:

  • Give you insight into the powerful diversity within your team, valuing each other's differences, reducing the barriers between you and enabling more authentic connections.
  • Develop your mental models including Agile Thinking, Systems Thinking and Futures Thinking and Innovative Behaviours to enable you to approach innovation from bigger, broader future-focused perspective.
  • Using our diagnostics, tools and models, fully expand on how you operate across the innovation cycle and how best to collaborate to unlock your team’s ability to generate new ideas, experiment and reach better ways forward
  • Establish the conditions your team needs to foster a thriving culture of experimentation and innovation.
  • Launch your innovation projects.


We meet online for 60-minutes on a monthly basis over the course of 3 months to support you across your innovation projects.

We act as a thought-partners and devil's advocate to challenge your collective thinking, help you to broaden your perspectives and develop the ability to think about the future from a wider angle. You will also:

  • Strengthen and deepen open collaboration with your team members and create the conditions for a thriving culture of experimentation and innovative thought and action. 
  • Gain fresh insights, critical thinking and the collective wisdom of your peers.

Meet Louise

Louise Mowbray
Founder, Mowbray by Design & Lumina Learning Practitioner

Louise is a thought-partner, executive coach, strategist and consultant to entrepreneurs, leaders, c-suite and their teams across a number of countries, cultures and sectors. She specialises in transformation, conscious leadership & business, trends, futures, foresight, cultures of innovation and DEI.

Louise is also an active member and contributor to the Grey Swan Guild, the global action-based think tank focused on making sense of the world's greatest challenges.

As a professional speaker she is regularly invited to deliver keynotes and workshops, has lectured for a number of business schools and is Associate Faculty for both CCL and Duke. Louise is also the Host of LIFT Podcast, LIFT Conversations on Camera and Time to Pivot open sessions.
Louise Mowbray works with leaders around the world...