iPad, iWant one

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iPad, iWant one...

iPad, iWant one.  But not just yet.  Not until it has Flash, a camera, TV and all the content my heart desires.  Not until I can slip it into my handbag, get on a plane and leave my MacBook at home.  And throw out all the electronics – the TV’s, DVD and CD players, satellite boxes, games consuls, alarm clocks and their ungainly family of spaghetti wires.

It really is terribly foolish to succumb if I can’t be free of big clunky black wide screens determinedly clinging to walls, squatting in valuable picture space – good riddance, they make everyone look fat anyway.  And furniture arranged in homage of their domination.  Ungainly over-sized speakers tiptoeing on pins and stands in every corner – they can go too.

No more overflowing bookcases, heavy magazines and inky papers destroying our rain forests.  I shall buy books and newspapers for the nostalgic pleasure of weighty paper, creaking spines and stitching… the whisper of a turning page, the pink crinkle of the FT, the thick glossy seduction of Vogue.

Throw out all those movies on scratched shiny discs hiding in the wrong boxes.  Out with the CD towers in all their ungainly shapes and sizes – and banish their contents to join the vinyl graveyards along with the boxes of photo albums gathering dust in the attic.  And death to the bossy TomToms and Garmins.  Let WiFi rule with sleek speakers embedded in ceilings walls and floors, let me find my content online wherever I am and Skype whilst on the move…

Thank you Mr Jobs, freedom from stuff is on the horizon.  Well done for taking what exists, making it better and for fueling my utopia.  Only I’m not sure I can wait, patience never was my strong point and I am definitely feeling a little foolish…


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