April 9

I’m not a plastic bag


Nearly accosted in Notting Hill for my Anya Hindmarch I’m not a plastic bag… I had to stand in a very long queue for mine about 3 weeks ago, and yes, it was only £5, and no, I will not sell it for £10. They are available in limited numbers at the AH stores (if you are feeling lucky, phone around), or later in April from Sainsbury’s. I love the fact that they are listed under ‘Environmental Bags’ on the AH site. The power of words…

Yes, it feels like spring, people are smiling like spring. We are behaving like spring… sociable, affable, friendly. Please make it last, and please, please don’t let that low grey ceiling settle again for a long, long time. My silent prayer for the day.

Image Q (from PM): “All these short summer dresses, skirts and shorts – I have short legs… how short should I go?”

A: The shorter the better if your legs are in good shape. A pair of platforms in a neutral colour with no ankle straps will help to lengthen bare legs (any horizontal line across the body will visually shorten that part of your body, especially if it is a contrasting colour). For shorter legs, opt for a higher waist to give the impression that your legs continue for longer. Also, make sure that the colour of your dress, skirt or shorts is not a huge contrast to that of your legs.


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