April 11

Good vibrations


I love my power-plate, I really do. It does rattle your eyeballs a lot, and your teeth, and you can make really funny quavering voices if you talk, which definitely results in the giggles. It’s a little addictive. MA promised me a new body in 6 weeks – it’s been two and I was skiing for one of them. Will report back…

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions. NM wants some Image advice, or more to the point… the lingerie version of ‘brief or boxer’. Great minds obviously think alike as you are not alone NM.

Ladies, we are truly blessed, there a so few things that can go wrong. Apart from the following:

Rule #1: Banish the greying once elasticated cotton variety. If they look that bad, you will feel that bad.
Rule #2: The VPL is still a no-no. Always will be.
Rule #3: If the contents of you knicker drawer are divided into those bought for you for valentines (red/black, scratchy lacy stuff) and saggy greying cotton, chuck it all out and find some middle ground.
Rule #4: When you are digging in your knicker drawer in the morning, think of your favourite star and dress for both of you. You will feel good all day.
Rule #4: Always try a bra on in the store and find one with good mirrors, you know the type, the ones that make you look good.
Rule #5: The same again for swim-wear, the mirrors I mean.

There, I said it would be easy.


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