Work 1:1 with Louise to navigate a career change or transition

Your Career. Your Future.

Career change and transition can be tough to navigate. Simply because it's deeply personal - it's all about you. Your desire to learn, earn, build something, be recognised for your efforts and do something purposeful that is meaningful and deeply satisfying. 

We build many aspects of our lives on the foundations of our careers, which by their nature, are destined to change. And we all love change when we're in the driving seat! However, there are times when change happens to us or we simply know we must change to create the future we want to live in.

This Engagement has been meticulously designed for leaders at all levels who are experiencing or desiring career change or transition. We start with a Lumina Learning Spark Profile, followed by 6 One-to-One Coaching Sessions and it includes complimentary access to Mowbray by Design's Personal Branding Course on Udemy.

Take the award-winning Lumina Learning Spark Profile online in 20-minutes 

6 X 60-Minute One-to-One Virtual Coaching Sessions with Louise

Complimentary access to Mowbray by Design's Personal Branding Course on Udemy

Louise helped me to grow and focus as various changes occurred within my working environment. I found her guidance as a coach invaluable and she really challenged me to believe in myself and my abilities. I would definitely recommend Louise and would use her again if the need arises. 
Jane Duscherer 

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, don’t settle; you will know when you find it.”

Steve Jobs

This is for you if...

  • You know you are in the wrong role, organisation or sector and it's time to make a change
  • You've been made redundant or have lost your role and are actively seeking a new one
  • You are competing for a promotion within your current company
  • You are taking on a new role in a different sector or country
  • You're moving from a senior role in a private company to one in a publicly listed company
  • You're founding a new business either on your own or in partnership with others
  • You're branching out as an independent Consultant or a Non-Executive Director
  • You are developing a side-hustle and need to balance this with your current role or give it your full attention 

What You'll Learn


Gain invaluable self-knowledge and understand how to play to your strengths, develop areas of weakness and reveal any blind spots that may be holding you back.


Develop real clarity on your career purpose, what drives you and fully develop a vision for your future.


Develop your CV, interview techniques and job search strategy, craft your online profile and digital presence and learn to build relationships with a connected, relevant network.


Prepare for interviews and critical meetings with key people and teams and negotiate effectively for a promotion, new role, salary package or deal.

Word of Mouth

Working with Louise during my recent pivot assisted me in clarifying the direction and purpose of my new business. I would highly recommend Louise!
Nuala Gage

co-founder, safety culture

Louise is a fantastic coach. She does a great job of getting to the "heart" of the matter and gives simple direct feedback and guidance. 
Steve Mollen


I found Louise to have such a positive and stimulating energy. Not only did the experience enhance my career but also my personal life. 
Victoria Ward


Louise's wealth of experience, insight and empathy in helping others excel shows. I would absolutely recommend her to others.
Roger Norton