Brief or boxer?


Thank you FP for your timely Q: “brief or boxer”. I will attempt to clarify the male underwear image dilemma with five loose guidelines:

Rule #1: Always wear underwear, I repeat, always…
Rule #2: If the trousers are particularly tight: briefs.
Rule #3: For low-rise strides: briefs or slim-fitting boxers.
Rule #4: Do not tuck your shirt into your underwear – buy a longer shirt.
Rule #5: No thongs, no novelty knickers. No… not ever.
Rule #6: No see-through white trousers. Pretty please.
Rule #7: The sight of your undershirt, under your shirt: not sexy.
Rule #8: The sight of your tank top/wife-beater under your shirt: a turnoff.

Ok, not so loose and I couldn’t stop at five. Forgive me.

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